Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fly with me

Photographed by ps70

Off I went outside gazing at the vastness of the sky and the stars scintillating like diamonds afar. The evening's cold breeze touches my face gently like a mother nurturing her child. The smell of the dusk as if in zenith.

This forlorn I can't endure, this despondency I can't embrace, this vehemence and nuisance I can't get over with, fatigue and vexation creeping into me. Tears starts to roll down with the stars as the only witness, lulled as if into a feeble dream in this serenity of air and heavens. Beneath me, not a sight of any mortal. We may realize that even we, ourselves, has an obligation to leave behind us the austerity of old memories. I can feel the wave of silence behind my ears. Silence it is, alluring enough that can make me fly off in this high stoned wall inviting me to be cradled by the wind of the gods.

In the somber sight of the dark, here I am fighting the ambivalence, standing motionless in the moroseness of the night, cogitating dilemmas albeit I'm in the realm of my waking mind, pensive at this very end of my tether.

Beneath this dark-blue arch of sky, I only exist in the tiniest corner above it.


  1. you were at my nook last time asking for a pencil :P you write so well. when i was your age, all i did was skip class and trip away with the lizards at my boarding house. :)

  2. Hahaha! :D - I can relate to that, I also skip classes and off to the library... SLEEPING. Well, I'm just an aspiring writer-to-be.


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