Thursday, December 31, 2009

Featured: Ubec Crew

I should've posted this entry on the 24th or 25th of December. But do you still remember the entry I've posted about Sorekolektiv? In connection with that, Ubec Crew members Flaime (color), Bart (stencil), and Karingkay (lines) just made another wall art somewhere here in Cebu. Though I wasn't there when this happened but I was able to see them again after 7 months. And got the time to visit The Junk Shop also owned by them. I'll post some of the pictures about the activities I had here in Cebu soon!

P.S. In the bottom photo (from left to right) is Bart and then Karingkay.

Happy New Year ♥

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lullaby's gone cold as night

Who's that girl under the thespian sky?
Answer: Me

Holiday is fast approaching. As year 2009 nearly at its end, I would like to share few things about myself that surely you didn't know. It's going to be messy inside my mind as I'm going to babble them out.'s time to unleash!

♥ This is not going to be funny but as I promised I would tell you things honestly. Well, I'm a student activist (What's it again?).

♥ I never had a serious relationship before until now (What the hell is wrong with meeee?).

♥ I have a grave fear about worms and bugs. I still remember when I was younger, I abruptly thew the book which has a big picture of a worm as a cover.

♥ My favourite band is Minipop. I so love them. Their music is dreamy and light.

♥ When I was 15, I usually think about self-destruction but now I've changed, I'm loving life.

♥ I collect classic books. My usual visit in thrift bookshops drove me to pick them up, buy them and then settle down to read them.

♥ I don't like chocolate, coffee, cakes, and cola.

♥ I dearly love fairies, sorcerers, pixies, elves, and all sorts of magical creatures.

♥ My first love was... LITERATURE.

♥ I don't usually share ideas to people 'cause I can't speak what is on my mind.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Close your eyes and make-believe

Utterly Surreal by Haanaah

So it was another great weekend I've spent with people in the vicinity. But I've disregarded Pablo's favor to do a portrait for himself. I never had the chance to read again my favorite compilation of short stories of great British writers but I already promised to myself that I will carry the book with me everyday so that I would not have the alibis not to delve into it.

And politically, there will be a photo and art exhibit at Freedom Park on December 10, 2009 which is the commemoration of International Human Rights Day. The killings in the Philippines is incessantly increasing due to illegal allegations on individuals and civilians in various provinces.

We also condemn the Maguindanao Massacre, it was a clear violation of press freedom. We demand justice.

Good Morning, Monday! :)