Friday, December 11, 2009

Lullaby's gone cold as night

Who's that girl under the thespian sky?
Answer: Me

Holiday is fast approaching. As year 2009 nearly at its end, I would like to share few things about myself that surely you didn't know. It's going to be messy inside my mind as I'm going to babble them out.'s time to unleash!

♥ This is not going to be funny but as I promised I would tell you things honestly. Well, I'm a student activist (What's it again?).

♥ I never had a serious relationship before until now (What the hell is wrong with meeee?).

♥ I have a grave fear about worms and bugs. I still remember when I was younger, I abruptly thew the book which has a big picture of a worm as a cover.

♥ My favourite band is Minipop. I so love them. Their music is dreamy and light.

♥ When I was 15, I usually think about self-destruction but now I've changed, I'm loving life.

♥ I collect classic books. My usual visit in thrift bookshops drove me to pick them up, buy them and then settle down to read them.

♥ I don't like chocolate, coffee, cakes, and cola.

♥ I dearly love fairies, sorcerers, pixies, elves, and all sorts of magical creatures.

♥ My first love was... LITERATURE.

♥ I don't usually share ideas to people 'cause I can't speak what is on my mind.


  1. hi lou! first of all, nindot kaayo ang pics. love the contrast: blue and white.

    i think you're living a healthy life. no colas? wow! impressive. i'm not a sucker for chocolates, cakes and coffee. but i don't hate them either. :)

    ok lang ang maging student activist, as long as you believe in your principles. i have a high school barkada who were in your shoes when we were in college. and she ended up marrying someone from their group. :)

  2. lou...almost the same ta...
    kay ako dili pud ko naga-share au sa aq thots kay dili au nako ma-xpress aq self...

  3. Very nice photos. Wonderful sea and sky, blue colours!
    I like your honest answers... I also like collecting old books and of course I like Fairies and all fairy folk.;)

  4. hey eccentric dudette :D did you have a BLAST? :) stay dreamy, awake and raw.

  5. me too i like classic books (: I spend so much time in the old bookshpps in my down-town ^^ oh and money haha

  6. Hey, Laurence. I'm glad that you love them too.
    Thanks for dropping by. :)


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