Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rainbows Over Houses

Hey, lovelies! I'm afraid I have neglected blogging like I wasn't around for almost four days, and it got me almost an hour to read all your new posts... but I didn't succeed. I'm sorry I gave up. I'm just too excited to babble and I don't even know what title I am going to give this post because I have bizillion stories to tell you. Where will I start? Okay, I started watching French Open 2010 yesterday and I developed a little crush on Thomaz Bellucci. Mind you, lovelies, he's a brazilian and sizzling hot in the tennis court frying his skin under the sun! lol so I'm gonna tell you other stories next time.

And before I'm gonna post this, I'll give you a special treat to theselby. This blog features homes of models, artists, fashion designers all around the world! Imagine? Among those are Louis Vuitton's and Cole Haan's! So don't forget to check it out. I've got so much inspiration from it.

I already have a formspring account. If you have anything to ask, feel free to say it here, I don't bite.


  1. I like the french open too, I am so glad Nadal is back in the game and playing well ^^

  2. If you like men from Brazil, you should visit my friend. The artist, Caio Fernandes. His blog is called Mein Welt. You can find his blog on my creative list. Which reminds me. I must add your site to the list as well...
    I love all your images here. Great photos!:)


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