Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rivers and Mountains

This is not practically the first time I visited a remote area, but indeed, it was my first time to be with my friends in a farm. We had traveled for two hours and it made our butt itch, but it was okay. The place was like a secret garden to me. It's really magical. I'm looking forward for another road trip.

Xoxo <3


  1. aw, looks amazing! i wanted this summer to be full of road trips. ever so sad when it wasn't.

  2. Oh Gosh how beautiful!! I live in the city but how I wish I was a country Gal♥ and walk those beautiful roads like you Yay!

  3. Yep yep. I'v always been fascinated by nature and how mysterious it is.

  4. asa mo nilaag lou? :) lingaw lagi ang pic :)


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