Monday, February 1, 2010

Play with the Rippling Water

Splash by Beth
{via flickr}

And I'm still struggling for my book (The Lady and the Unicorn) because I lost it! I couldn't seem to find it elsewhere. I invaded different classrooms just to check for it. How brazen of me. I couldn't find another one in the thrift bookshop where I bought it. There's no other way but to find soft copies on the internet.

I was glad to be tagged in trishie's site. Visit her.


  1. pagkanindot sa pics ay. feel nako buhaton pud. hehe, sundogera no? ei, let's meet in april! :) uli ko. hehe :)

  2. Sige te! haha asa diay ka karun? :)

  3. Oh dear, i hope you somehow manage to find the book!

    Oh, and thanks for the link back. :)

  4. lou, japayuki pa ko karon. i'll let you know as soon as i'm there. let's keep in touch ha! hope dan can join us :)

  5. Oh sure! Let's keep ourselves posted. Yeee *excited* haha :))

  6. nyc au ang pix...hehehe

    kasayang sa buk...tsk3

  7. i gave you an award!


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