Friday, February 19, 2010

Of Princesses and Castles

Photography by My Dear Delilah. Any of her photographs and works were inspired from literary works and historical events.

I got this Princess Award from my most admired Under Lock and Key. Though I am not used to this tagging thing but I promised to pass the award to other lovely bloggers *smiles*. So here I go...

The Princess Award goes to:

Catch me a Falling Star
Kitkit Avenue
Less than-slash-three
Willow Ships
The Art of Cupboard
Tap at my Window
Duskjacket Attic


  1. That first photo is really cool.

    Congratulations on your award and Huge thanks darling for including Dustjacket in your awards list,

    hugs DJ

  2. looking at those images is like witnessing a dream or something....


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