Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy by Zak

Today in Philosophy class I saw Arabic writings on the board. I wonder what it means until the teacher noticed me that I was staring at it for almost five minutes! I was amazed and studied the writings carefully. I wonder how the person wrote it. Or maybe he or she is already used to it. It inspires me a lot. I got to know more of their practices and traditions in the internet albeit I'm not one of them. But two days ago, my friends and I went to a Syrian coffeeshop along Ponciano Street and there were books and small maps of different countries which majority of the people practice Islam. Indeed, Muslims are rich in customs and traditions.


  1. I thinks is is good to look into other custom and traditions. So very interesting.

  2. The culture & traditions of others fascinates me. Thank you for the lovely comment on my faerietale blog, i am so glad to hear you enjoy the things i show. The calligraphy above is beautiful, i should love to learn calligraphy. belated happy new year x


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