Monday, January 11, 2010

“Laugh as much as you breathe
and love as long as you live.”

Good Morning, blog readers! Reminders are from Kris Bradley. They're sooo simple yet lovely!
Uhm, I need to change the URL from to because I've come to realize that this site became more of a personal blog. I just want to remind you all that there will be changes :) I will feature people, shops, artists, bloggers, photographers and many more. And I need not to spill another emotional crap on this site again. I find it too embarrassing. That's all. Thank you.


  1. hi lou,

    visiting ur nice site again...

    I have posted ur website's link in my site.

  2. whew...
    change???'s always nice to experience change when change molds us into better individuals...

    continue striving to be inspires me...

  3. @Michael: Well, thank you so much! I appreciate it. I also posted yours in this site. :)

  4. lou, i've always liked those words: live, laugh and love. pero usually, i say laugh, live and love. wala ko kabalo kung naa bay sense ang order. hehe :)


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