Monday, January 4, 2010

Catch me a Firefly

I'd like to make myself believe that
planet Earth turns slowly.
-Owl City

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Hi. I'm back in Davao. I never had any sleep last night like I was really floating in the airport. I was like, "Hey, wake up!" I'm going to miss my friends there and my family. But I was delighted to behold the summit of Mount Apo, the panoramic view of the Philippine Deep and the dolphins dancing in the sea. I don't know when will I be coming back to Cebu because I'm planning to take summer classes but I really can't afford not to spend holy week in the island of Bantayan. I am really looking forward to that. I hope I can get over with it.
Anyway, How was your new year?

P.S. I found that lovely picture above somewhere in the information highway but I couldn't find the links for the credit.


  1. Happy New Year!
    I hope you keep on dreaming of beautiful things in 2010.x:)

  2. Happy new year!

    thanks for featuring my site in this beautiful space of yours! I luv reading ur posts. nice pics too. :-)

  3. No problem. Your site is very interesting.

  4. wow nice one...

    you never cease to impress me...

    you're such an inspiring person...

    i love fireflies...beautiful...

  5. makasuya jud mga pix sa imu blogs...

    unta makbalo pud q...hehehe

    tnx for the inspiration...

    keep it up!

  6. If you have so much available time, then surf for pictures in flickr that would captivate your eyes.


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