Monday, May 24, 2010

The Blonde Salad

I've come across Chiara Ferragni's lookbook page, but I find her website very entertaining, and don't forget to look at her site banner. Well, she's a fashion blogger and a student in Milan, Italy. Take a look in her site, click The Blonde Salad.

PS. I want to give my huge THANK YOU to these following chive blossoms: Psynopsis, Tap At My Window, Pink Bow, Plums In Puget Sound, From The Board Of Lucys, The Next Arrow, and Oh, Hello There for giving me their warm birthday greetings.

PS. I'm learning french a little like Moi cherie, je'taime.


  1. This is visually a stunning post. I especially love the first image with the white butterflies!:)
    So good to see you at my place and thanks for following me too!

    Best fairy wishes.
    Jo May.x

  2. She is gorgeous,I love her blog..and her bow ring! :D

  3. Thanks for stopping by.... She is adorable i love her blog and the banner is so creative.


What a sweet scent my chive blossoms have! ♥