Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trinkets & Figurines

I just found these fantastic finds in sunshinesyrie's flickr photostream. Whatnot shelf is a series of open shelves produced in England on 18th century. My mother used to have one to display her little trinkets, treasures, and figurines. But I don't know where they are now, it's been ages. Though, I'm struggling to have one again and hang it on my bedroom's wall.

When you were younger, what were your favourite things?


  1. Lovely! The 2nd picture is like a meditative piece of art. I think I had some strange choices as a kid - Like very colourful babushka dolls given to my parents.

  2. i love trinkets...i also collect charms...they're kept in little bottles, so you could see the inside...

  3. I used to love anything with hello kitty on it, and stationaries. hah,typical kid. xp

  4. I love to hear from y'all. Thanks for sharing them with me.


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