Wednesday, May 12, 2010

éclairé par le soleil

I am very thankful to my new friends in blogoshpere for giving me their kind comments on my posts especially Psynopsis who haven't missed a single one since she arrived in this site.

I have added blog roll and a photography link (See PERIWINKLES and THE POND on the right side if you're facing the monitor.). And another, It's already two weeks since I made my bloglovin' account and it seems there's no follower. If you're kind enough, I need your support (smiles). And I am open to suggestions, please feel free to say it.

Helga, 24, Philippines

P.S. There's only one week left in school and I'm pretty excited to soak myself under the thespian sky with my classmates. After a stressful semester, I think we deserve to have a break. If you have the chance to spend a whole week in an island for free, where would it be?

Happy Weekend!


  1. thanx for the 'lovenote' in my blog..

    nice blog by the way!!! keep it up girl! ^_~

  2. Oh, thank you! Your blog is lovely and I always enjoy visiting.

  3. a place filled with peace of mind...
    i need to forget myself in order to know myself.


What a sweet scent my chive blossoms have! ♥